Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing the Wonegans

I’m Sarah.

This is me swimming across Lake Champlain back when my cardiovascular health didn’t embarrass me.

It was 2 minutes after I raised a huge ruckus, thrashing and splashing and almost capsizing my kayak escort as I tried to get the bloodsucking lamprey off my leg. The “lamprey” turned out to be a cramp. Oopsie.

That was 2 months before I met this guy.

This is Dan.

Isn't he cute as a button?

Dan is a self-described eternal optimist. His glass is always half-full. It's infuriating.

Actually, it's endearing.

He also endears himself to me by smelling good, grilling one bad-ass steak and putting my toothpaste on my toothbrush at bedtime.

This is Hallie. She's 11.

She's clearly gorgeous. She's also freakin' hilarious. There's a lot of laughing in our house, and it's largely due to Hallie's advanced sense of humor.

She eats too much candy.

This is Sophia. She's 9.

She's spunky. You've never met a girl with more energy. If you could harness this kid's energy, you could run all the appliances in your home. Infinitely.

Sophia knows too many big words and gets too much food on herself when she eats.

This is Adam. He's 9.

He has lovely red locks which you can't see here because we took this picture right after he'd been out playing in the stream during a rain storm. Adam always has really good ideas.

He likes fire. A lot.

This is Eleanor. She's 7.

She is a mad cribbage shark and gives the best hugs in the entire world. Sometimes Eleanor says things that make me wonder how old a soul she really is.

She needs to grow some teeth.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Eleanor doesn't grow teeth--she's too cute this way!
And I would love to know how you evacuate a full-bladdered child from a snowsuit in 9 seconds. I need lessons.